August 25, 2009

The Big Day

Julian started preschool last Tuesday! To be truthful, it was really Wednesday, because Tuesday was more of a meet and greet experience. Julian was so disappointed when we left on Tuesday. But he loves it! School is Monday through Thursday from 12:15 to 2:45 pm. This is the Mad River preschool, which is public. I struggled with putting him in a private or public preschool, but at the end it came down to money. This public preschool was far cheaper than all of the other options, and I asked around the area and it got a lot of good reviews. His teacher is nice. She's pregnant, and I'm trying my hardest not to attack her with "who is your doctor" and "oh, by the way, did you know this and this and this...". I hope to get to a point where I can tactfully bring some of this up later, after we've developed some sort of relationship.

I can't believe I have a son in preschool. He loves it so much - it was the right decision for us right now. I am so excited about the art projects he will be bringing me home, and the friends he will make. So far, he has made friends, but can't tell me any of their names. Today he finally remembered the name of his teacher!

I also love coming home and putting Melody down for a nap while he's at school, and having a quiet house to myself. It's pretty much the most amazing thing ever :)

We had actually lost the camera battery to our camera (which doesn't take AA's) a few days before school started. I was so upset! I need pictures of his very first day of school! Thankfully, my friend Amanda let me borrow her camera for the day.
Here's my big boy!

In other news, Melody chose Julian's first day of school (August 18th) to start walking! She started off with 2 tiny steps, and before the end of the day she took 5 consecutive steps! This was a week ago, and she still crawls everywhere. She walks a few short steps, maybe, to get a big round of applause from us, but then she's had enough and falls down and start crawling again. It's exciting, though. This year went by so fast. She loves to push things while she's walking - something I don't really remember Julian doing. And it was such a blessing that she started walking on this day, because Amanda had let me borrow her camera, so I caught it on film! If Melody had picked one day before or after the 18th I would have no video, or even pictures of it. I'm so happy I got these!

(this one's really blurry; I'm not sure why)

(this one is clear)


  1. They are both growing up so fast . .where does the time go? Way to go Julian, I am happy that he enjoys pre-school and will be making friends, and that Melody has started walking. You must be so proud Lisa.


  2. Lisa, I'm popping in to give you my blog link. I'll probably be using it more now... maybe. No promises, lol