June 22, 2009

The Slug

I deserve a round of applause. This week, on my own, I took the garbage and recycle to the front for the weekly pick up. Why is this an accomplishment you ask? Let me explain. Dominic always takes the garbage out. I am terrified of our back patio. There's a lot of bugs, and a lot of things that looks like bugs! I'm terrified of bugs. Really. Scared. I'm even scared of dead bugs. Dominic suggested that I put on the "reptile handling gloves" we have leftover from our pet snake (that Dominic killed, possibly on accident, but it's yet to be confirmed). I am so squeamish that I'm even scared to put on the gloves for fear that there may be bugs in the fingers of the gloves! Anyway, I managed to take a deep breath (or a couple), put on the gloves, and take out the garbage. It took me about a half an hour. We recycle a lot, and the little tiny bin that they supply us with doesn't even begin to hold it all, so we have a number of paper bags filled to walk out as well. The sun was going down, which made everything look spookier and more bug-like, and there was even a giant disgusting slug in my way. This thing was huge, and spotted. I was so grossed out. I stood there for a while trying to decide how to get around it. And finally I did it, all by myself :)

Dominic is gone all this week, training for his deployment later this year. I miss him so much. I depend on him a lot, and I've been having a rough time without him. I am not good with my kids. It's depressing, but I really do need help. I can't wait until he comes home. I'm not sure how things will go when he's actually gone for 6 months. I'm not prepared for this. We weren't supposed to ever have to deal with it. But this is what God's placed in out laps, and I'm trying to remember that he has a plan and will take care of us. We can use all of your support, and most importantly, prayers.

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  1. i'm so proud of you!!! slugs are the nastiest! :) and you are right, God has a plan.. try to look at this deployment with a positive light. it will make you maybe a tad more independent, it makes you feel like such a grown up without the hubby around to squish the bugs for you. :) you can do it!