May 15, 2009

In the beginning...

I've started a blog! I've wanted to for a while, but apparently the 10 minutes of set up was too much for me :)

I'll start with some recent news. Dominic is going to Iraq in October. Well, either Iraq or Afghanistan. We don't know which yet, and we don't know when we'll know. It will be for about 6 months. I'm planning to take the kids back to California for a few months during that time, in an attempt to not lose my mind. I probably won't be talking about this very much, because technically I'm not supposed to. It's all very hush hush - when exactly he's leaving, when he's coming home, what he's doing, where he will actually be - for their safety I can't really tell anyone the little bit of information they'll give me. So please don't ask! I just ask that everyone keep his safety in your prayers.

Julian is now 3 and a half years old. He is such a boy. I did everything in my power for the first 2 years of his life to baby and coddle him, but he still ended up rough and aggressive! It must be unavoidable. He is still such a sweetheart, when he wants to be. He's growing so fast. I can't believe how smart he is. Preschool would generally start in the fall, and I'm seriously considering homeschooling. Since we're planning to leave the state for a number of months during the winter I think homeschooling is more of a necessity. But I'm also doing this out of a sense of duty - I chose to have children right now, and we can survive on one income, so I feel it's my responsibility to "do the mom thing" in its entirety. In my opinion, God holds us all as parents accountable for what our children learn. If I can stay at home, why should my children be taught by someone else? I'm sort of excited about it, but considering the messy state my house is generally in, and my amazing abilities to procrastinate and lose everything I'm looking for, this could be very hard for me. Hopefully I'll learn and grow from it.

Melody is 9 months old, and she's started crawling. None of that "army crawl" stuff - she went straight from scooting backwards to up on all fours crawling! She continues to amaze me.
I am developing a Gymboree clothing obsession. There is seriously nothing cuter than little girl clothes! However, I am good about it and only purchase items cheap and/or used. Ebay is my friend :)
Melody is still nursing every few hours, and only eating table foods in very small amounts once or twice a day. I'm okay with it, and so is she, so I see no need to rush her into table foods any quicker.

I am...not doing too much. It's something that bothers me - how little I do. I don't really want to go to school or work, but I also don't like the inactive state I'm in right now. I did join a gym, and I could feel and see results. But recently both the kids got really sick, so I haven't gone to the gym in a week, and now I'm sure I can't do it anymore :( I feel so yucky.
I am most likely going to be assisting some ladies this summer with home births, so that is VERY exciting! I have such a passion for home birth, and I'm so honored to even be considered to get to help them out.

Well, there's my first post :) Time to go shopping while the kids are sleeping!

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  1. Hey Lisa! oh i love your blog...i'm so glad you got one!
    you need to come see us!! my goodness we haven't seen you in like...forever and a day. =( and we need to meet Melody! ;)
    hope to hear more from you soon...