May 17, 2009

I'm a mess, I'm a mess, I'm a big old messy mess!

Thanks Laurie Berkner.
I cannot keep my house clean! And it's not like "Oh, I have some laundry and dishes to do, my house is a mess"; it's "You have to watch where you step because there is literally stuff all over the floor and it's probably not that safe. " Good thing Julian is with Robin all weekend. I don't know how it gets this bad so quickly. Dominic and I usually do a pretty thorough house cleaning on the weekends, and then by Thursday it's a complete disaster. It's so overwhelming, I don't even know where to start.

I wish I could keep things organized. But for some reason I'm very bad at cleaning up after myself and the kids. I just...I think I'm just so incredibly tired all the time. Melody still nurses 3 or 4 times a night, so that means I haven't slept for a full night in over 9 months. All day long, during the week, my thought is "Stay awake, try to find something to entertain the kids until Dominic gets home". It's never "What can I clean today?" I have to get it figured out though, because I'm sick of living like this. It makes me crazy. I can never find anything. And if I'm in a kind of bad mood, and then I step in a hunk of old banana that Melody threw on the floor the day before, it generally puts me in a really bad mood. So I'm always in a really bad mood! I feel bad for my kids. Growing up my home was never messy. I think adults are supposed to be able to keep their homes picked up, right? I feel like a huge failure in that area. Now I'm just rambling. I'm tired. I need to go to bed so I can forget about my disgusting house.


  1. So your home growing up was always clean. If what I remember about what you told me of your childhood is correct then the clean house must have been the best part. Here's the mantra my sister taught me: "Your house will always need to be cleaned, but your children will only be children once." In other words, clean your house when you can, but try to give the best of yourself and your time to your children. If you prioritize your children first, everything else should fall into line. You are a great mom--so go wash the banana off your foot and STOP STRESSING! I love you lots Lisa!

  2. It's OK baby, I love you even if our house can be classified as a hazardous waste dump. :D

  3. When my kids were younger I made a list of what room or rooms I would clean on which day and what load of laundry I would do. (For example - Monday - clean my bedroom, wash my sheets and towels and one white load.) I only did Monday through Friday, if something came up on Monday then that room waited another week before I did it. It helped to start each day new and not worry about yesterday.And remember things will get easier as the kids get older. They are only babies for a short time.

  4. Lisa you are a wonderful mom and just because your house isn't spotless like dad would want it doesn't make you a bad person. You are a mom and that is a full time job in itself. Be proud of yourself, your husband and your children. You are very smart and even though you feel like you aren't doing much these days other than entertaining the kids, you my dear sister are fabulous . . .and going green is very awesome.
    Your sis, Sherry

  5. Thanks for the great advice guys! I love Andres's quote; I am trying to remember that. And Brenda, I really like that idea, and I'm going to see how it goes :)
    Thanks for the encouragement Sherry!

  6. Okay you are so NOT a failure.Are you sure you arent living in my house? lol. Since I married Josh and become a stay at home mom/housewife for the first time ever I have had a seriously difficult time keeping up with the laundry/housework. It IS overwhelming.By the time you get the kids into bed and actually have time to work on the house you dont want to because you are soo incredibly tired.I've been there.Whenever my dad comes over and complains because the house isnt spotless I remind him its because I am actually home with my kids all day everyday instead of working full time out of the house and having my kids in daycare.Sorry I was a daycare kid-little bitter..I'm getting offtopic here anyway I think being organized and staying on top of the housework are things that just take time,in the meanwhile just know you are doing your best and being there for each and every one of your kids amazing moments.